Monday, June 30, 2008

It's been a while...

So I realize that it has been about three months since my last post and I really have no excuces for that. I can't even say I have been busy because that would be a lie (yes, I am on summer break and spend most of my time walking the dog, cooking, and watching daytime TV). So... here goes yet another effort to become a better blogger! Maybe if you leave me a comment and I know people actually read this, I will be more encouraged :)

So, life has been wonderful out in Folsom. Scout is quickly growing into an energetic, playful, and very smart border collie. He can learn tricks faster than we can think of new ones to teach him, and after 5 long months of watching his every move, he is finally potty-trained, YAY!! Maybe that's the real reason I now have time for blogging! While he still loves spilling his water bowls, eating rocks and bark, and trying to dig to China, he is on his way to becoming world's greatest frisbee dog with the help of his dad (I will admit, throwing a frisbee is not my finest quality). After a few attempts Scout got over his fear of swimming, and now drags me to the American River to swim whenever it's anywhere in sight. With the heat out here and his baclk fur, it's the only way he survives the long walks we go on. Lately, we have been visiting my mom and dad and Scout defintely has a new favorite place- grandma's house. With all the new people and toys he acts like a kid at Disneyland when he is there. Last time we drove home he actually jumped out the window of the car when he saw my mom because he was so excited. Then we come back to our not-so-exciting house and he sleeps for days (.... yeah!) It's been nice to be able to be home this summer with him. :)

Mike and I are doing well. We officially became Folsom-ites by doing what everyone does in Folsom: buy road bikes. Mike actually already had one, but I got a spiffy new road bike and it's been so fun! There are trails everywhere out here, and we have the gloves, clip-in shoes, and even the padded shorts to make us feel professional. We have done some pretty long rides down the American River trail- I think 40 miles is our record. It's defintely good exercise, especially since the whole time I am trying to keep up with Mike!

Well, here are some of the latest pictures. More to come!

Scout in the American River

Scout and Me

Scout meeting his cousin Star

Sitting in Old Town Sac after a LONG bike ride from Folsom

A day trip to Tiburon- what a beautiful day!

Monday, March 31, 2008

More About Scout!

Scout had a great first weekend at his new home. We are having so much fun with him! He is so energetic and loves to play with the frisbee and his little rope toys. He also likes investigating the yard and eating everything he sees. As much as he likes to play, he definitely likes to sleep to. I was so happy, last night he slept through the night, and only woke up at 5:00 to go outside to "go potty", then went back to sleep in his kennel until 8:00. So I got to sleep in! I actually think he is going to very good for me- since I am not working I had gotten used to sleeping 'til about 10ish every morning which is too late! Now it will be much easier to go back to work since he's been waking me up early.

Scout is definitely a social little dog. He loves the neighbor dogs- two terriers on one side and a miniature chiwawa (I have no idea how to spell that) on the other side. Part of our fence is iron so they can see each other through it. He is definitely going to be a swimmer as well- since he likes to splash around in his water bowl more than he likes to drink. I am proud to say that he has already learned how to sit also! Smart little guy. Thankfully, he likes to chew his bones so he hasn't gotten a hold of anything off limits yet. I am trying to keep lots of bones around so he chews those rather than the furniture.

Here are some more pics that I have taken. Yes, I am a little obsessed with taking pictures, but he is soooo cute right now I want to capture it with pictures! He won't be this little for long.

A present from Jen and Josh... he LOVES it!

His favorite toy

Auntie Jen and Scout!

His first visit to the vet! A little scared....

Learning to sit from his dad

Scout's favorite place


Saturday, March 29, 2008

Welcome Home Scout!

We are so excited to have a new member of the family! We picked up Scout this morning in Lodi from the breeder. We met her at a Wendy's parking lot in Lodi (since she was from Fresno). She was waiting with him on a leash when we got there, and right away we thought he was the cutest thing we'd ever seen! She had all his paperwork, some treats and toys, and gave us some advice, then we loaded him in the car and headed home. He sat in my lap almost the whole way there. He cried and whimpered alot in the beginning (which totally sounded like a hyena laughing-- it was hillarious!) but then settled down. When we stopped at the gas station, I gave him a treat for being so good. About 20 minutes later I regretted it because the treat came back up- yes, he threw up in my lap! Both my mom and Mike's mom told me "Welcome to parenthood". Haha. The rest of the trip went much better.

We got home and Scout showed us what a bundle of energy he is! He loves jumping on us and licking us, which is cute since he is a puppy but we'll have to train him not to. He explored the house and seemed very independent and comfortable right away. He "discovered" things by putting everything in his mouth right away (we will have to work on this one!) He didn't mind his kennel and ate in it right away, then took a nap. We played in the yard, and he is so cute how he pounces still when he runs around. He already loves frisbees-- Mike is planning on making his a frisbee champion already. Already, Scout is an escape artist and squeezed through the fence into the neighbors yard and plopped down on their grass. Mike had to drag him by the tail to get him back into our yard! Finally, he took a took a nap (thus, Mike thought he should do the same, of course). Now Mike is outside with him trying to teach him how to play hockey with a tennis ball. He is doing pretty good! He likes to pick up the tennis ball- though it barely fits in his mouth!

I am going to LOVE having a little puppy, and hopefully I will love him even more when he gets big. Here are some pictures of Scout.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

New home, new puppy!

So, I tried the "blogging" thing when I moved to Seattle... but ony got as far as two entries before I lost interest! But after seeing some recent friends' blogs recently, I have decided to try it again. I don't have any cute little kids or newborn babies to blog about (not yet anyways), but I do have a cute fiance who I will be marrying next spring and we are getting the most adorable little puppy on Saturday! So I'd say both of those are blog worthy, wouldn't you?

Well, Mike and I are back in California! The time we spent in Seattle was great- it's a fun city, beautiful area with lots to do, and I had a wonderful teaching job- and it was a good experience to live somewhere different and far away for a while. So though we liked it, it feels so wonderful to be back in sunny and beautiful California where even cloudy days don't feel cloudy. Being close to family and friends again has been great- you appreciate things much more when you don't have them for a while!
So now, we are renting a much-too-big home in Folsom, which is a little east of Sacramento (closer to Tahoe- yay!) We love living in Folsom- everything you need is within miles but all the rolling hills make you feel like your out in the country (well, maybe not quite in the country, but at least you don't feel like your right in Sacramento.) Our house is so cute, and I have been having way to much fun decorating it and setting it up. But hey, I am not working, so what else am I going to do? I am also learning to cook, and even learning to grill on our new barbeque. We have loved having people over for good food, drinks, and intense ping-pong matches. Did I say I love Folsom???

So I am going to try to keep you posted on the adventures of Scout, as well as our new life in Folsom! Here is a sneak preview of Scout that the breeder sent us when he was 4 weeks old.... Stay tuned for more!